Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dublin Haul

Last week I stayed with my cousin for a few days, and we did a tad bit of shopping. I normally don't do hauls as it takes me ages to collect enough items but I purchased a nice few things. I thought I would buy a lot of clothes but that was not the case at all!

The first place I went to was Lush on Grafton Street which if you know me I love. I wasn't there since Christmas so I needed to stock up a little. There are 2 Lushs in Dublin but I much prefer the Grafton Street one as I find it has a better layout and the employees are nicer there.

No Drought Dry Shampoo
I had this on my list for ages as I am finding that less spray dry shampoos work for me and I decided I would try this powder one as there are very few on the market. It smells like lemonade! It was a little pricey compared to other dry shampoos, €10.25 to be exact, but I think it may take me longer to get through the bottle. I have tried it out once with a little help with another dry shampoo and they both worked well together. I will give you an update on how I am getting on with it.

Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
This face mask has to be my all time favourite Lush mask and I've tried quite a few, 9 to be exact! The last time I was in Lush it was out of stock and this time I picked up one of the last in the place. It is very exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh. Also, the smell is divine, if you like citrus then you'll love this.

I got 2 samples as well, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and Ultrabland Cleanser, as I heard great things about both of them and one of them has my name in it but I knew I didn't have the money or the space in my suitcase to bring them back!

Next stop was Jervis Shopping Centre to Forever 21!

Floral Open-Shoulder Dress
I am normally not a dress person at all but when my cousin suggested for me to try it on I fell in love. It is a beautiful dress that is mid thigh length, perfect for any Summer event. I love for it can be dressed up or down, with a pair of cropped jeans it would be perfect for everyday where if it is a little on the cool side and by itself for a party or if it decides to get warm again in Ireland, please.

Last but by the means least Primark on Mary Street which is 3 floors of all things Primark.

PS The Come Clean Cloths
I was very curious about these as they look identical to The Makeup Eraser and my Cleanse Off Mitt was in need of replacing. It's a fleece material and very soft and takes off makeup amazingly with just water. I've been using one this week as I left my Cleanse Off Mitt in Dublin. So far, I like it but I'd love to do an in depth comparison of the 2 cloths.

Coral Powerbank
I did not intend to buy this at all but it was only €9 and I knew it would be handy to have when I am in Edinburgh and my phone or my iPod is low on battery. I love the colour of this powerbank, it is so vibrant. This battery is 4000 MAH which means it can charge my iPod nearly 4 times and my phone twice. I bought this on a complete whim and should have really checked the specs of my iPod and phone but I don't regret buying it.

Duo Lash Adhesive in Clear
I bought individual lashes a few months back but the glue dried out completely so I couldn't use them. I haven't tried this out yet but I have heard that this is a very good eyelash glue and it stays put for ages.

Sultry Fake Lashes
I haven't tried strip eyelashes before and I thought it would be best to start off with cheap ones to see if I like them. I got these as I have heard a few people talk about the Primark fake eyelash range and these seemed the most interesting.

Hydrating Avocado Sheet Mask
I tried out one of Primark's sheet masks before and I wanted to try out this avocado one as I love me some avocado. I like to keep the sheet masks for between the Lush face masks as I can't always go and get a new fresh face mask. I hope this one smells like avocado then I'll be pretty happy.

Have you bought anything nice recently? Let me know.

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 8 July 2017

10 Childhood Shows I Miss

I associate a lot of TV shows with my childhood since technology like tablets, the internet and all that in general didn't come into my life until I was around 11. I am a 90s baby and I feel that childrens TV was at its prime and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite TV shows I miss. I think I should mention that I had a Chorus box, now Virgin, when I was small and I watched a lot from CBBC but my parents got rid of it due to my brother watching so much TV. We still had channels but they weren't very good, yes RTÉ I'm talking to you.

Drake and Josh
Drake and Josh was one of my favourite TV shows and was always on and I think it still sometimes runs on Nickelodeon. The adventures of 2 step brothers who had complete different personalities and an evil little sister who plotted pranks. I can't believe there was only 4 seasons as I feel like I still haven't watched all the episodes.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Here I am in your life, here you are in mine. Yes, we have a suite life most of the time. Another show I would happily watch. I used to wish I had a twin so I could be like Zack and Cody and for a while my cousin and I called each other Zack and Cody, I was Cody. Even though I loved The Suite Life I didn't like The Suite Life on Deck as much as it just wasn't as good and Maddie wasn't in it any more.

I needed a new Nickelodeon TV show to fill the void in my heart that Drake and Josh left and that was iCarly. There's actually a teaser for iCarly in the last Drake and Josh episode. I enjoyed watching iCarly as it was completely different to everything else. It was about a girl who had a web show with  her two best friends. I loved Sam as she did what she wanted whenever she wanted.

Hannah Montana
I was obsessed with Hannah Montana and everything to do with Miley Cyrus. I had all the books, albums and plenty of t-shirts with her face on it. I even went to see The Hannah Montana Movie in the cinema with a few friends. I loved the show and Lily and Miley's friendship.

The Emperor's New School
I used to wake up early on a Saturday morning to watch this cartoon. Kronk and Yzma trying to get rid of Kuzco in any way shape or form including trying to turn him into an alpaca.

The Fairly Odd Parents
When I heard they were getting rid of Timmy for a rebrand last year I was annoyed. I loved this show and the crazy antics that happened in a world of fairy god parents. Because of this show I badly wanted my own fairy god parents but in reality I just wanted Wanda.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Did I watch this show to help me through middle school? NO! I just liked the dramatic things that would happen in this school and also Gordy going round trying to kill random wild animals that would randomly get into the school. I remember rushing to finish my homework to watch this show and loving every minute.

The Story of Tracey Beaker
Switching it up with some CBBC content, the iconic Story of Tracey Beaker and Tracey Beaker Returns based off the book by Jacqueline Wilson which is about Tracey Beaker who lives in a children's home hoping her famous mom will come back and rescue her from her situation. I don't even remember does she even meet her mother but that was besides the point. Thinking back this show was quite unique as it wasn't all prim and perfect and it is a reality for some children more than the likes of Hannah Montana or iCarly.

The Sarah Jane Adventures
One of the weird and wonderful sci-fi shows that I don't remember too much about what went on in it. There was definitely aliens and an evil Siri who nearly kills Sarah Jane and a neighbour who would help her do things. I don't remember much of it but I do know I loved watching it.

Lilo and Stitch
Lilo and Stitch going off to collect Jumbas missing experiments was something I enjoyed watching on a Saturday morning. Pleakley trying to help them but normally ends up worrying or being the get away driver. I always wondered why Jumba wasn't the main guy for capturing the experiments as they were his experiments but that's a different story for a different day.

What TV shows do you miss?

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Regreted Purchases

I've always shared products I love but I have never talked about products that I regret buying. Just because these products didn't work for me doesn't mean they don't work on anybody. I am disappointed with how these products worked or didn't work but I feel that I should share it all the same.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Dry Shampoo
This did absolute nothing for my hair and I actually think it made my hair more shiny and nasty looking. It states that it fights oily roots, refreshes, revitalises, gives light texture, gives light volume and great coconut fragrance but to me it did nothing and it doesn't even smell like coconuts. I was really disappointed with this dry shampoo as I did a lot of research trying to find a new one that I would like and that didn't break the bank either. It is worse than Batiste Dry Shampoo in my hair and that's saying a lot.

Soap & Glory Total Drama Clean Makeup Remover
I bought this to spot clean my eye shadow brushes and it works perfectly for that but I used this micellar water to remove my makeup and it makes my skin feel so dry and tight. I have normal skin so maybe if you have oily skin it may suit you better but for me no. It doesn't remove eye makeup well either and if you have the misfortune of getting it into your eye well it's painful. I thought it would be great to have when I want to fall into bed and want a simple one step process. It works perfectly for spot cleaning my brushes but I will probably find one I can use to remove my makeup too.

Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara 
I don't have a problem with the formula for this mascara, it's the Upper lash wand. It is awful, it clumps my lashes together and makes them look straight and horrible. The lower lash wand is grand as it coats my bottom lashes perfectly and the formula lasts. For €13.50, it's not worth it just to use one side that you can simply get by itself for much cheaper.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Light Porcelian
This foundation is the worst I have ever tried out and I regret buying this so much as I can't make myself wear this as it is awful. This foundation is a mousse and is very hard to blend and after 2 uses your brush looks like it hasn't been washed in 2 years.

Left: Rimmel Match Perfection
Right: Rimmel Stay Matte
It has a different undertone compared to Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and sinks into any lines and gathers around dry patches and spots. I feel that it never sets on my face and one wrong turn half my face could have slipped off.

PS Purifying Cucumber Peel Off Mask
I talked about this in my New In Beauty post recently and I talked about how I wasn't a huge fan of it. It didn't smell of cucumber all I could smell was chemicals. It was nice enough until it hardened and it was time to peel it off and boy was it painful! The mask tugged on all my spots and every single baby hair. I felt as if I decided to wax my face. Not all of it came off either as I had to use a cleanser and then an exfoliator to try to remove the last stubborn pieces. It was only €1 from Primark so I am not really complaining about how I wasted a whole pile of money but if it was more expensive I would be a little annoyed.

What products do you regret purchasing?

Thanks for being awesome,