Saturday, 9 December 2017

Secret Santa Gift Guide Under €15

It's nearly two weeks until Christmas and like me you are still on the hunt for a few small gifts for people or maybe you're doing Secret Santa. You could always give them a voucher but what's the fun of that. Here's a few things I've spotted that are under the €15 mark which for any international folks is around $17.80 and £13.50. Some prices may be different due to currency conversion.

The Beauty Obsessed

Real Techniques Mini Contour Brush €8
These are the cutest things ever and so handy if your giftee loves topping up their makeup on the go. The brush has a full size head and like all the Real Techniques brushes is really good quality and has the great versatility of using it as a powder brush or even a foundation one.

Burts Bees Beeswax Bounty Gift Set €14
You can never have enough lip balms and since the months are colder and much harsher on your lips, some more luxury lip balms are a great idea. This set contains a Vitamin E & Peppermint, Mango, Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate lip balms. What a selection?
Sleek Matte Me Must Haves Gift Set €8
Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams are a cult classic especially Birthday Suit! This set contains four 3ml lips creams from the collection, Birthday Suit, Rioja Red, Velvet Slipper and Old Hollywood. This set has a nice array of colours, a nude, red, purple and brown and the perfect size for travel or for experimenting. There's also one for the Metalic Matte Me.

Lush Little Snow Fairy Gift Set €13
We all know a Lushie in our lives. This cute gift set contains a 100g of Snow Fairy Shower Gel and a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. Lush does charge extra so if you want to get them separately it costs €15.10 but you get 2 and a half times more shower gel.

The Book Lover

Hogwarts House Pin €7.80
What's better than getting your Potter obsessed friend their Hogwarts house pin? Nothing! I bought one of these a year and a half ago and wear it on my school uniform every day and it is still holding up strong. These are so cute and why not show some house pride with this pin.

Book Wrapped Pencil Set €8.74
I love a good pencil with a cute quote but pencils with quotes from your favourite book is out of this world. They are available from Etsy and you can get any book from Pride & Prejudice to Percy Jackson.
Book Sleeve €7.80
Why have I not heard of these until now? This is a book sleeve that protects your beloved book from being destroyed in your bag. There are many types and sizes to choose from.

The Nerd 

Super Mario Bros Magnets €6.70
Who doesn't like Super Mario Bros? These are adorable magnets that can be used anywhere on a fridge, metal noticeboard or white board to make them just a little more interesting.

Pop! Funko €10-15
There are so many series to the Pop Funko brand, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Marvel, Disney, Rick & Morty. There's bound to be one that they'd like.

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug €10.60
You gotta love the novelty of a heat change mug and I think everyone has played Pac-Man at some time in their lives. It's a simple black mug with some character.

Mornings Are For Coffee and Contemplation Mug €7.05
I had to put this one in! And to be honest, I could do a whole Stranger Things gift guide/ wishlist as I am still on that bandwagon. Anyway, probably one of the best lines in Stranger Things that Hopper has uttered. It has been made into different types of mugs with different designs.

The Stationery Enthusiast

Happy Jackson A5 Here's The Plan Notebook €11
I love Happy Jackson notebooks, they always have a cute saying on the cover and the quality is excellent. There's an array of different types, sizes and cute sayings to choose from

Weekly Planner €9.30
This is the cutest thing ever! If you know someone who loves being organised or keeps going on about how they want to get organised, this is for them. Throw in a couple colourful whiteboard markers and you're sorted.
Paladone Pug Pen Holder €7.85
This is adorable and I want it in my life. This is great for anyone who loves stationery and also dogs. It's the cutest thing you can get for your desk.

The Last Minute One

I know this might sound a little lame but if you don't have time it'll have to do and there are so many vouchers to choose from, Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks, Primark, Debenhams, Boots, Amazon. At least your Secret Santa will use it and like it.

DIY Brownie/Cookie/ Cake Mix in a Jar
If you have a favourite sweet treat recipe why not share it with a friend. Layer all the dry ingredients in a large jar. Make up a cute recipe card with all the ingredients and steps and tie it to the jar with ribbon. Bonus: Add a small wooden spoon for the fun. I think this is a great idea if you love cooking yourself and want to share it with someone.

Happy shopping!

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 2 December 2017

The October and November Edition

The past two months have gone so quickly and I can't get over that it is nearly Christmas. October and November have been manic months for me, I had tests and just general school stuff to do. Here's what I go up to:

Shows I've Watched

Stranger Things 2
OMG, OMG, OMG! Season 2 really hit it out of the park. I like season 1 but it took me a while to get into the story as for season 2 I was hooked before the intro for the first episode came on. I don't want to give any spoilers but I few characters developed in season 2 and had much more of a role. Firstly  Steve Harrington, in season 1 he is a bit of an ass, but he completely changes into a soccer mom with 6 kids. It may seem weird but I loved the character and I think it helped that himself and Nancy parted ways. I watched this season in three days and I haven't got over it since.

Riverdale Season 2
Stranger Things has destroyed Riverdale for me, I loved season 1 but season 2 just ain't cutting it for me. I am still watching it hoping it will get better but I find it rather stale so far, and I am over halfway through the season.

Goodbye Christopher Robin
I went to see this in cinema with my mam at the start of October and I loved it. It is based around the life of Christopher Robin who was famous due to his father's publication of Winnie the Pooh. Off the bat, I am so glad Disney didn't make this as they would have glossed over everything from A.A Milne's PTSD to his wife being an awful mother. It showed the insight to Christopher's life before. During and after of the success of Winnie the Pooh and how he wanted none of it. It is a real tearjerker but 100% worth the watch.

La La Land
La La Land was added to Netflix at the start of November, and I was so excited to watch it as I've heard so much about this musical but I was slightly disappointed. It was watchable but not mind-blowing. The soundtrack was probably the best part of the whole thing as some of the songs are very catchy but a part from that it was a huge meh to me.

Once Upon A Time
I was not expecting much from this show but it sure is watchable. I am currently on Season 2 and loving every minute. You probably know that OUAT is based off fairy tale characters that all live in the same universe but what I didn't know is that they are cursed to forget their past life and the evil queen rules over them because you know, she's evil.

Books I've Read

I spotted this in my school library and I decided it was worth a read as I watched the 2013 remake of Carrie and I really enjoyed it, though a lot of people said it was the worst remake. The 2013 remake isn't too faithful towards the book, it is very similar but the ending is rather different. Steven King's writing style is so interesting, the book is not just narration, there're articles from different scientific journals which added something unique to the story. I didn't find it scary at all but it isn't unicorns and rainbows.

A Street Cat Named Bob
This book is definitely more unicorns and rainbows, it is about James who is a recovering drug addict living in very basic accommodation in London and befriends this cat who he names Bob. He basically talks about his life and how Bob changed everything for him, it's based on a true story which is even better. This is such a quick read, I read it within 4 days but it was enjoyable all the same.

The Handmaids Tale
I had heard a lot about the TV series made from this show, and I was curious to read the book first. It is a dystopian novel about a Christian fundamentalist world where men have all the power and young women, handmaids are used to help increase the population. Everything is very strict and women have no rights what so ever. I think it was a strange book, it was difficult to read at times but at the end you get a full picture.

Turtles All The Way Down
I started reading this but I've done a reading hiatus for the past few weeks and I haven't had time to get back into it. So far, it is typical John Green. 

Stuff I Liked

So there's a bit of sceal (that's story in Irish) about me not getting my hands on Taylor's new album, I had ordered it on the Taylor Swift UK and Ireland store and to date it still hasn't arrived. I have contacted customer services and something is getting sorted out. Thankfully yesterday it was added to Spotify and I could finally delve into the album. I also, got tickets for the Dublin show and I can't wait.

Stranger Things App
I have been on a Stranger Things obsession since season 2 came out and it's no different. I am normally not a game app person but this Stranger Things game is amazing. It has a different plot to the TV show but still carries all its amazing characters. I played this a lot during the midterm and also I was sick for a week, so I get up to 50% completed. I love that there's no time limit as time limit games stress me out.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
I have always been a huge Animal Crossing fan, I first had Animal Crossing Wild World on DS and then once as New Leaf came out I needed it. This is the first AC app and it is very different to the original but I like it. You are given a campsite and you get to design it, make friends, do tasks and invite people over to your campsite. It is very addictive but isn't as good as the DS format but it's worthwhile playing.

What have you been liking recently?

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Road to the Leaving Cert

The Leaving Cert is coming closer and closer except it's not like Christmas, I just want to be over as quick and as painless as possible. I thought I would update you all with how my life, which revolves around eat, sleep, study repeat, is going and what I've been up to since the start of this school year.

Let's start off with something light, I went to a couple of Open Days in UCC and UL. I met up with Ailbhe from The Red Brunette while I was in Cork, and she brought me on a complete tour of Cork and UCC itself and showed me all the best places to go and where to avoid. The campus is huge but rather beautiful and the city had an atmosphere unlike Dublin. I had never met Ailbhe before this and I had a blast with her for the whole day, there wasn't a quiet moment from the time we met at the train station at 10am until she had to get a bus home around 4pm there was constant talking!

UL on the other-hand wasn't as an amazing experience as the weather was horrible, thanks Storm Brian, and also I didn't have a personal tour guide to show me around. I found the talk on Biological and Chemical Sciences very interesting but apart from that it was a solid meh. I had a look at the clubs on offer which wasn't a whole pile mainly sports which I am not of that variety. Also, the tables there were for all right-handed people which I am not so that was pretty annoying going into a lecture hall and trying to write down things at a slight angle.

I had my first round of exams, the pre-mocks *queue dramatic music* I went into these knowing that I wasn't going to do wonderfully in them due to only being in school for eight weeks but I still studied and tried my best in every subject. Some exams went ok, some went meh and others I wanted to cry, English I'm looking at you. The only upside was that Stranger Things season 2 was out the day I finished my exams. It was the only thing that got me through the week and on Friday evening in my onesie I sat down for a bit of binge watching.

The day after I finished my pre-mocks, I went up to Dublin for a French revision course run by the one and only Essential French. I am delighted that I decided to do this 3 day course, the second 2 days are in the new year, as my French teacher is going on maternity leave and god knows what the sub teacher will be like.

Results from the pre-mocks were standard, I failed 1 subject which was English but I blanked during the test so there was nothing I could really do. I was slightly disappointed with Chemistry but there is time to work.

I'm not going to lie, blogging has become very hard this year for me. I wanted to be able to blog through this year but I don't think I will be able to. I hope to blog until Christmas consistently and then have a new blog post once ever 2 weeks until my life can get on track after these exams. It's so hard to find the time to blog, it's not writing or planning but taking photos and editing them. I will still stay active on Snapchat and Twitter as I love both of those platforms and I don't think I can put everything on pause as I am doing this for nearly 4 years.

So far, I'm surviving!

Thanks for being awesome,