Saturday, 12 August 2017

I'm A Jobless Student Again

On the 2nd of August I quit my job working in a cafe and I feel 100% better about it. It may seem weird but that job was dragging me down and making me into this unhappy and miserable person. Everything suffered, my blog, my happiness, my hobbies and I always felt anxious. I only had this job for 4 months which isn't a whole pile of time but it felt like years. I thought I would share the reasons behind quitting my jobs and the few reasons I stuck it out for so long.

Crappy wages and crappy hours
As an 18-year old, I was only €6.50 an hour which is an under-age wage which McDonalds don't even give their same aged employees. I wasn't getting many hours either, during the June and July I was getting around 0-2 days a week and the earliest I would start was 11am and I would finish at 6pm or whenever we finished cleaning up.

An even crappier boss
At first I thought she was just hard on me because I was new, and she wanted to push me to preform at my best but really she was just a bully picking at stupid things like not washing or cleaning things fast enough even though there was plenty of delft that was ready to be used. If she asked you to do something she would never call your name or even look at you which personally I thought I wasn't being spoken to. She also never learned my name even though there were 2 other Róisíns, both who left, working there. I would check the roster and check if she was working the days I was and if she was I just hoped she went home early, or she would be in a good mood, that rarely happened. She hated me and I always got the sense from her that she thought I did things to annoy her but that was never the case.

Not finishing at a specific time
I never knew what time I would be finished at due to tidying up at the end of the day takes a different amount of time due to the amount of staff present and when the last customer was served. I could be finished at 6pm or one time we didn't get out the door until 7:45pm.

Feeling stupid, useless and unhappy
I felt like I was a dysfunctional robot as I kept doing things wrong but I was never shown how to do it right. Nevertheless, I still got in trouble. I felt like crying most days as I normally try to do my best but that was never good enough. I have smiled more the past week and a half than I have the past 4 months.

No training or shown how to do things
This stems from the last reason but I never got trained or shown how to do things. On the first day I was thrown a dish cloth and told to start drying stuff and put them back in their place. I didn't know where anything went, so I put some things in wrong places by accident.

I stopped doing things I loved
I lost interest in blogging but I ploughed through as I presumed it was just a little writers block. I haven't picked up my guitar or ukulele since around 2 months ago. I haven't done anything really musically. I lost interest in my YouTube channel. I didn't want to read and I would prefer to watch Netflix as I could escape from my head without thinking too much.

I felt anxious a lot
I get anxious, that's just who I am but I was getting anxious over stupid little things that I never did before. I was anxious going to work, thinking about work, waiting for the roster to go up, it never ended.

The reasons I stayed for so long are pretty few, the money and the girls I worked with. It was nice having that money going into my account each week that I could spend on whatever I wanted. I could pay for Netflix (I'm still going to keep it) and if I saw something in the shops I could buy it without worrying about if I'll have enough money to do something else. The girls I worked with were lovely, they were friendly, great to chat with and always helped you out if needed. There was one girl who always cheered me up when I was feeling down and I am going to miss her a lot.

There were too many reasons to quit and with a meltdown during having dinner with my family I realised I needed to get out of this quick and I did and I am happy.

I know this is a little more serious that I usually write but I wanted to share my experience. If you are dealing with something similar please try to get out of it or talk to someone. Nobody needs to be this unhappy. I will always respond if you contact me.

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 5 August 2017

My Travels: Edinburgh

During the last week of July I went to Edinburgh for 5 days and it was a lovely break to explore somewhere new. I had never been to Scotland before but I definitely want to go back, maybe next time during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was a family holiday and we stayed with my uncle who runs an AirBnB near the Royal Mile. The accommodation was amazing and so central to everywhere in Edinburgh city. I have a video up on my YouTube channel of everything I got up to, click HERE.

Once as we got off the tram and dropped our luggage at the apartment, we headed up the Arthur's Seat as you can see it was an absolutely beautiful day and the views are out of this world. We ended up not going up to Arthur's Seat as we were all tired from travelling, but we went up a hill nearby that had an amazing view.

We went to this cool park which I completely forget the name of but it had yet another beautiful view and had this cool architecture which of course we needed to get a dramatic picture up there. A few little tips for going to Edinburgh 1. Bring comfy shoes, I brought my new Adidas Superstars, and they worked a treat. 2. Bring a rain jacket, the weather is as unpredictable as the Irish weather. 3. Reusable bags, have one in your bag at all times as if you want to go shopping you'll have to pay 10p for a bag and let's be real nobody wants to pay it.

Next of course was Edinburgh Castle. Unfortunately, the good weather didn't last for very long as Tuesday was very overcast but it didn't rain. Edinburgh Castle has another great view of the city, if you get a good day, we could see most of the city but the pictures were dark and dreary. If you are thinking of going to the Castle I would recommend booking your tickets online as it saves you the time for queuing which can be really long. We did the quick guided tour which was so interesting and didn't bore me completely which was a miracle. The best thing about them is that they are free and start every 15 minutes.

After the castle, we walked down the hill to the Botanic Gardens which was beautiful. I enjoyed spending the afternoon strolling around the beautiful grounds.

We did a bus tour of the city which I liked I guess but it wasn't my favourite thing. Also, we did the Edinburgh Dungeons which was good but I personally wouldn't go back to do it as it just wasn't my cup of tea but the rest of my family enjoyed it.

Of course visiting the Sherlock Holmes statue was mandatory due to my recent obsession of the TV series Sherlock.

It wouldn't be a trip to Edinburgh if you don't go to The Elephant House where JK Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter. We passed this multiple times but there was always a queue out the door, so we never dared to go in but one evening we got in and it was amazing. I enjoyed the Harry Potter atmosphere with the bathroom graffitied with Harry Potter stuff, the ceiling is full of it too. The drawers at the tables are full of fan letters to JK Rowling and from her table, the view of Edinburgh Castle looks like Hogwarts. Another place where JK wrote some of Harry Potter is Spoon though in 1997 it was a pub, they till have the original windows. The food was delicious too.

The National Museum of Scotland is also a good spot to go if you have an hour or two to spare. It is huge and has numerous exhibitions of anything under the sun, technology, animal planet and fashion. I didn't get to look in the fashion section as we ran out of time and had to go.

I, off course, did a little shopping in Kiko, Superdrug and Primark which you'll see popping up in the next few blog posts.

If you are into illusions, which I totally am, I recommend Camera Obscura and the World of Illusions. I didn't take any photos her due to illusions are hard to photography right but I have a little section in my video, sorry for another cheeky plug, it'll give you a great idea of what's in store there.

On the last evening we went on a walk in Princes Street Gardens which was a 2-minute walk from where we were staying. It was nice taking everything at a slow pace and watch the city life go by.  It was a nice way to end the city break just enjoying what this city had to offer.

Make sure to check out my YouTube video of my trip.

Have you gone anywhere nice recently.

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 29 July 2017

10 Things You Mightn't Know About Me

I have been blogging for over 2 and a half years but there is still a some things that you may not know about me and I thought I would share them with you. I love reading these posts as you get to know the person behind the blog a little better.

I am ambidextrous
For a while when I was younger, I used to be able to write with both hands but then the leftie life chose me, I still do a lot with my right hand as I find it really hard to use a left-handed scissors. I use both hands to chop stuff and peel vegetables. I play a right-handed guitar and ukulele.

I have had 3 hair colours
I haven't dyed my hair before so you may be a little confused about how that was possible. Well I was born with jet black hair, around 2 years old I was blond and when I was 4 my hair was brown and it has stayed like that for the last 14 years.

I am a middle child
Yes, I am the forgotten one of the family and I think that's the reason why I am so talkative and outgoing as if I wasn't I'd be forgotten about. I have an older brother who is 359 days older than me, so we are Irish twins and my younger brother is 4 years younger than me.

I have many failed hobbies
Since I was 4, I have been involved in so many different things but the majority of them failed. I did ballet, gaelic football, camogie, trad music, swimming, art, computers, scouts, speech and drama, youth theatre, classical piano lessons, guitar lessons and kickboxing. Some of these I still do but the rest I haven't done in years.

I can read upside down
Sounds slightly mad but I can read well enough upside. I don't know if it is a dyslexic thing or is it just a random trait.

I want to get a pug
Since the age of 10 I've wanted a pug. My mam isn't impressed with the idea as she thinks they are ugly but I hope to get one when I have my own place.

I want to live in London, France and America
I have been to London twice and France 5 times and I want to go back to live in both places for maybe a year or two. I also would love to go to America for a year too, I'm not to sure where though maybe somewhere not too hot.

I was/am huge The Black Eyed Peas fan
From the age of 7/8 I loved The Black Eyed Peas. I still do and have some of their best tunes on my current playlist. My brother has the albums from Elepunk up to The Beginning. My favourite song still is Where is the Love? because as I am getting older and noticing what goes on in this world I question where the love is sometimes. I had planned at the age of 9 that when I was old enough I would go see them in Oxegen, if you are Irish you may remember this notorious festival in Punchestown Racecourse in Kildare that was around from 2001-2011 and then stopped due to 'no funding'.

I sang for JK Rowling!
I think I may have mentioned this before but not in too much detail. Yes I sang for JK Rowling with my school choir on Christmas Eve 2015. It was an amazing experience and I didn't even know it was her until a few weeks after when someone finally coped it. I think I was too focused on the words on the sheet to actually recognise her.

I have never done an all nighter
I value my sleep a little too much to ever do an all nighter. I think the closest I ever got was to 5am but I was so tired I decided to go to bed. Even when I was younger I didn't bother trying to do an all nighter at sleepovers as I knew I wouldn't last.

I hope you have learned a little more about me.

Thanks for being awesome,